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Open Directory Project

ODP Gambling Guidelines

Spam and Repeated Submissions

Gambling is one of the most popular targets for spam submissions. The ODP has zero tolerance for spam. Repeated submissions of sites that don't fit our guidelines should be deleted in bulk. If a domain is submitted multiple times, keep one copy and delete all the other duplicates in bulk. When editing a site, always check what the editors' notes say about it and if deletion is suggested, then you might want to give more attention to this site. Do not delete it again without reviewing it, the site could have been changed. If you find evidence of spam, don't forget to add detailed notes to inform other editors about the situation. 

Some webmasters spam without realizing what they are doing. Some people submit over and over again in the (possibly vain) hope of being listed.  This is unacceptable in the ODP. If this is the first time you notice a particular site being submitted multiple times, you can try contacting the submitter and explain the general ODP policy on spam, leaving the site in Unreviewed. If spamming continues or the email bounces, treat it as spam. But there have been a few cases where the spamming was an honest mistake and ceased.  However, be careful when contacting submitters as they usually have very different opinions on what is good for the ODP and what is not!

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