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ODP Gambling Guidelines

Describing Sites

Gambling editors should follow the general ODP Guidelines for describing sites . Given the nature of its subject matter, the Gambling editors have a few supplemental site description guidelines.

All descriptions should be fair, unbiased, objective, and compelling without being promotional or subjective.  A description should describe the content of a site, not promote the site's content or business. Good descriptions of Gambling sites:

  • Do not include commercial hype
  • Do not express the opinion of the editor
  • Do not unnecessarily overuse words in the description, or repeat words used in the title. Similarly, keywords that are in the category name should not be repeated in the description. Keyword stuffing or altering descriptions to unfairly position one site over others is considered abuse. Repeated keywording of titles and descriptions while short changing others is grounds for removal of editing privileges.

Bad: Play Casino Games Online - Play casino games online for free or for real money.
Good: Play Casino Games Online - Provides games to wager on such as poker, roulette and blackjack.
[Note: The first description is merely repeating the whole title without giving much detailed information about the site's content.]

  • Do not use synonyms in that are repeating the same thing in descriptions (example : Sportsbook offering betting online and sports wagering.)
  • Do not use the subjective words in description. The description must be objective and should not reflect an editor's opinion on the site. (example : Provides the best online casino games and sportsbook betting lines on the Internet.)
  • Are written in a consistent fashion, so two sites offering similar content have similar descriptions.
  • Avoid describing the company only. Describe the site's content first and you may add a second sentence to describe the company's activities also.

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