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ODP Gambling Guidelines

General Information

*Note : To facilitate the comprehension of these guidelines, the name Gambling will be used to refer to the Games/Gambling category tree instead of the full path itself.

The following guidelines supplement the main ODP Guidelines and in no way supersede them. Gambling editors should become familiar with both sets of guidelines. 

Generally the Gambling category includes sites whose dominant theme is either:

  • Online casinos where users can win prizes and money by betting online.
  • Information, tips, strategies, rules of various gambling games or help for compulsive gamblers.
  • Sports betting services, handicapping services, pools or general information on sports betting.
  • Land-based casinos giving information on their services and facilities.
  • Bingo halls general information or online bingo sites where visitors can play online.
  • Lottery results, general information, software or online lotteries sites where visitors can buy tickets to get a chance to win prizes and/or cash.
  • Gaming equipment dealers, manufacturers, rentals and/or sites offering staffing services for special occasion.
  • Gambling publications, books and/or news sites.
  • Gambling softwares or tools.
  • Gambling consultants offering turn-key solutions to start your own casino/sportsbook or any related services.

When evaluating a submission, the sites to which it links, via links pages or banner advertisements for example, should not be the sole factor in your decision as to whether or not it should be included. Gambling is often associated with the Adult Industry. However, no adult sites will be accepted in the Gambling categories. Adult gambling sites should be sent to the appropriate category under the Adult category tree.

Gambling online is illegal in some countries therefore, an editor living in a country where it's prohibited should not edit in this category. For example, no online gaming company is allowed to accept online wagers in Canada except if the company belongs to Native American (Indians). However, a Canadian company is allowed to produce gambling sites as long as the company is licensed in a country where online gambling is fully legislated (such as Antigua) and that the company's servers are physically located in a country where online gambling is legal so that no bets will take place in Canada. This is why Cryptologic and Worldgaming are legal companies despite the fact that they are both located in Canada. In the United States, laws can be different from a state to another, you might want to check with your local authorities to get more information.


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